Electric Vehicle (EV) / Easy Bike Battery

Product Info:

EV (Electric Vehicle) series is specially designed for frequent deep cycle discharge. By using the specially designed active material and strong grids, the EV series lead acid battery offers reliable performance in high load situations and can deliver more than 300 cycles at 80% DOD. Suitable for easy bike.

Product Benefits & Features:

  • Tubular Plate enhance life cycle
  • Fine Pore Structured Gauntlet / Jacket able to withstand extreme oxidized environment and high electrolyte temperature.
  • Rapid Carbon Technology reduces charging time and better performance at partial state of charge
  • High Density Active Materials improves battery life
  • Thicker Strap improves conductivity and enhances vibration resistance
  • Highly Porous Heavy Duty (HD) Separator contain rubber mix property resists antimony poisoning, counteracts the negative effects of antimony migration and minimizes water loss specially designed for heavy duty deep cycle application. Sleeve separator minimizes possibility of internal short circuit.
  • Molded PP containers are strong and durable, designed to withstand all normal impacts and abrasions over the long service life.