Industrial (IDS) Battery

Product Info:

Industrial Battery (Generator) Series, ensure you a trustworthy power for a guaranteed ignition, superior performance and reliable lifespan. These are ranges from 21 plates to 29 plates of nominal voltage 12 applicable especially for internal combustion engine, etc.

Product Benefits & Features:

  • Special alloy with advanced chemical composition for comparatively lower maintenance
  • Superior active materials with idiosyncratic grid design
  • Excellent charge and discharge performance
  • Fully automotive paste mixing, plate pasting, curing facilities and unique formation system along with drying facilities
  • PE envelop separator with glass-mat for internal short resistance
  • Heavy Duty Separators prevents antimony poisoning, reduces internal resistance and water loss to enhance life
  • High Density Active Materials improve battery life.
  • Rapid Carbon technology reduces charging time and better performance at partial state of charge