We offer

Reliable, Long Lasting and Effective battery based power solutions to meet your automotive and industrial needs. Our Passenger Car (PC) and Commercial Vehicle (CV) batteries ensure you a trustworthy power for a guaranteed ignition, superior performance and reliable lifespan i.e. value for money. Our products are also used for stand-by applications such as Instant Power Supply (IPS), UPS, Communication Equipments, etc. We also produce batteries for SHS (Solar Home System) to support different Social Development Organizations and NGOs as a Social Commitment; in partnership with Bangladesh Government. We have launched Motorcycle (MC) battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) Tubular Plate Battery in 2014. AGM-Type Maintenance Free Battery and Flooded-Type Tall Tubular battery are very fresh addition to our product line.

Our products are “Proudly Manufactured in Bangladesh” using modern technology and pure raw materials.  Since Navana Batteries Ltd understand the intricate details for battery based power solution of the 21st century; therefore it is capable of providing our valued customers with the Right Product, Uncompromised Services and Personal attention they deserve. Our motto is, ‘WE GIVE YOU THE QUALITY, QUALITY GIVES YOU THE GUARANTEE’ and that is, “BECAUSE WE CARE FOR YOU” and for which we offer our customers a very special personalized after sales-service with absolute and non-compromising QUALITY with CONFIDENCE. We operate our sales and services through our business outlets by dedicated battery engineers.  We also serve our customers by trained technicians dedicated for countrywide authorized dealer’s network.

We deliver the right product, we combine traditional wisdom with modern technology and advanced engineering. To maintain and enhance product quality, our experienced technicians and industry experts from different international organizations are constantly striving our Battery Laboratory to bring the right quality products that meet our customer’s desire. Because of our product quality strength, we can proudly claim that Navana Batteries have “অফুরন্তদম”.