UPS Battery

Product Info:

NAVANA P&B, Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) Maintenance Free (MF) UPS Batteries are especially designed with Lead- Calcium technology.

AGM battery will hold its specific gravity more than three times longer than conventional lead antimony types. This means much longer periods between charges when the battery is used in a standby mode.

AGM offers a depth – of –discharge of 80 percent; on the other hand, the flooded is specified at 50 percent DoD to attain the same cycle life.

Product Benefits & Features:

  • Special grid design improved conductivity.
  • The acid is absorbed by a very fine fiberglass mat, making the battery spill-proof.
  • Active material with exclusive formulation is reduced shedding, maximum utilization & long service life.
  • It’s VRLA technology ensure water retention (oxygen and hydrogen combine to produce water)
  • More active material surface area for enhanced performance and power.
  • AGM has very low internal resistance, is capable to deliver high currents on demand and offers a relatively long service life.