Tall Tubular Battery

Product Info:

Navana P&B Tall Tubular Batteries are especially designed with compact and longer grid structure in a thicker tubular pack for positive plates by a flat type negative plate PE separator. Taller and thicker PP container for 30% more electrolyte volume offers cooler charging and discharging operations.

Its superior features have made it the most demanded inverter battery at current age.

Navana P&B Tall Tubular Batteries can operate at extreme temperature, and are capable of deep cycle applications involving frequent and prolonged power outages. It is ready for home appliance i.e. IPS, UPS and all kinds of inverter usage which ensures un-interrupted and regulated power during main failure or dipping voltage.

Product Benefits & Features:

  • More backup, suitable for frequent and prolonged power outage;
  • Tough battery with thicker plates to sustain longer life;
  • Lower internal resistance ensures efficient power supply;
  • Unique recipe of active materials along with PE Separator provides authentic power inside;
  • Float vent plug for easy water level monitoring;
  • Robust construction ensures mechanical durability.