Regular Battery

Product Info:

Navana deep-cycle instant-power (NKP-Series, Maintenance Type) batteries will ensure a dependable instant-power with an extended back-up performance and reliable lifespan i.e. superior value for money. Navana, NKP series ranges from 50 ah to 200 ah of nominal voltage 12 applicable for IPS, UPS, different types of invertors etc.

Product Benefits & Features:

Major features of NKP series are;

  • Well-organized, finer grade and efficient volume of active materials with special grid design for excellent charge and competent discharge performance;
  • Fully automatic paste mixing, plate pasting (ensure high pack density) and curing facilities for trouble free battery life;
  • Unique formation system along with automated drying facilities for longer battery life;
  • PE envelop separator with glass-mat efficient for internal short resistance; and
  • Special alloy for comparatively lower maintenance;