1. How to connect battery to vehicle and disconnect battery from vehicle?

  • While insert the battery in vehicle please connect the positive (+)terminal first
  • While remove the battery from vehicle please disconnect the negative (-) terminal first

2. How to enhance battery life?

  • Regularly check the electrolyte level and terminal voltage
  • Top up the battery regularlywith D-I Water
  • Always clean the post and vent plague
  • Use the right size battery for right application
  • Do not put anything over the top of the battery

3. How to top up Battery electrolyte level?

Open the vent plague then pour the DI water up to the prescribed level.

4. What is the parameters of a good battery?

  • Specific Gravity= 1.250
  • Terminal Voltage=12.7

5. What are the common battery problems?

  • Cell Short
  • Cell Sulphasion
  • Disconnect
  • Joint cover Leak
  • Backup Fail
  • Cell Damaged

6. What will happen if there is a loose connection between battery and vehicle?

If there is a loose connection between battery and vehicle then excessive heat will generate that malts the battery post which may affect the warranty of the battery.

7. What will happen if we top up our battery with regular water?

Regular water contains a lot of elements like minerals (Cl,I,Mg,Co,Fe) and other micro particles which can react with battery electrolyte and make the plates harder. So can decrease the battery performance as well as battery life.

8. What will happen if our battery remains unused over two weeks?

It causes sulphesion due to self-discharge that is detrimental to battery performance as well as battery life. To avoid this problem it is recommended to charge/crank the battery once in every week.

9. What will happen if the battery get overcharged?

Overcharge is very harmful to battery life. It damages battery cell that can hamper the warranty.

10. What are factors in vehicle/IPS that affects battery life?

For vehicle/Generator:
  • Dynamo /alternator charging system
  • Wiring system
  • Addition fittings
For IPS:
  • Charging System
  • Upper cut & Lower cut Voltage Limit.